05 July 2008

It's oh so quiet...

After a very quiet shift at work, I packed the Things into the car and we drove over a town for fireworks. There were lots of new things to see. It seems like every year there's a new effect or color. At the end of the show, there was a batch of extended fountains, and then a whole barrage of...poppers. No booming crescendo of bright white percussion. Just poppers. I was a bit let down. We usually park on a side road, so we take the big loud barrage as the signal that the show is over. This Year it was the distant cheers of the crowd signaling that the flag had been lit. Certainly couldn't tell by the show...
Now I must go; Red Green is on!

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Jim said...

Hi Gette -- we sure did miss you but we did have fun anyway. I think that didn't come out right(reminds me of the time us guys had a going away party for someone already gone?).

John Gorzen has posted a nice blog tonight about his Blogstock '08 with a lot of pictures of Jacob, his son.

I made a new post tonight also. It got late so not a very good post but better than none. We will be out of contact until

Thursday night or Friday as we are going down in rural Colorado to visit with some people who only have dial-up for their own computer.

I wonder what they would have done without you guys for iPatrol?

Thanks for checking at my blog,