09 July 2008

Girl's day out

So my friend from work and I are going to see Neil Diamond. When I was about 12 or 13, our little town got cable. I must have watched The Jazz Singer on HBO twenty times if I watched it once. We are ditching the kids and heading to the big city for the day, to explore the Global Market and all the Thrift Stores! Wheee! I'm ready for a little break. We'll head into the cities for a quick trip this Sunday to attend Thing 1's mission trip church service, and there's a free concert next Wednesday night that I'll take the kids to see. Neil Diamond is July 20, so there's a little variety coming up in my life. Not so many getaway opportunites for iPastor, but he has a new obsession in the form of Frets on Fire. He's been geeking all over getting it to run well and rigging a guitar for it, so he's in his happy little element.


Jeff said...

How cool is that? Neil Diamond was one of my major musical influences when I was a kid. I had ALL his albums. In fact, I still sing a handful of his songs to this day.

Can't wait to hear all about it!

Cliff said...

Yep I liked him but only saw that movie once.

nora said...

Blow Neil a kiss from me!