23 July 2012

All good things...

I tried to stay up late to ensure that I'd sleep some on the plane, so we packed and replaced for most efficient passage through security and customs. We had chosen to travel with only carry-on bags, but DDs family gave us an old suitcase for overload. It was actually larger than we needed, so the challenge was to make sure that anything that could be construed as liquid got checked, and the carry-ons were easy to put through security. I
We were eventually satisfied with the results, and settled in for a nap before flight time. We were up and on the road in plenty of time. Once our goodbyes were said and we'd resolved not to wait so long to do it again, we headed into the airport, for our blessedly uneventfully flight home.
We had hoped to meet with our very first student, our Brazilian Boy, in Newark for lunch, as he was also travelling through NYC, but it didn't work out. Our return flight to MSP was delayed by about 45 minutes as they worked (successfully, it turned out) to route us away from some storms and turbulence. Once we were airborne, we had smooth sailing, and we're met by Thing 2 at the airport. We got her deposited at her Twin Cities digs, then headed out for the 3-hour drive home. iPastor made a quick stop at Bunde, MN, to dovetail with our trip through Bunde, Germany, then we were home and crashed unceremoniously. Nearly a week later, I'm still off schedule, but it's summer and lazy so it's all good.

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