16 July 2012

Day 3: Antwerp

We headed out with both DDs for a day trip to Antwerpen, Belgium. Couldn't be this close and not sneak one more country in. Did the sightseeing thing, ate, walked, ate more, and just had fun visiting with our girls. :). Have to steal pics from the iPastor. He was far better with the camera thani was today. We visited a lovely cathedral and the "Hidden Street," as well as an America Today store, where we could purchase Mountain Dew for DD#1. It was rainy but still pleasant, and the highlight of the day was just knocking around with our girls. They hadn't met before, and it was fun for them, I think, to compare "war stories" of their time in Minnesota. We made our back to Holland, and put DD#1 on a train back to Vlissingen, while we headed back to 't Goy.

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