14 July 2012

And we're off!

Greeting from 't Goy, Netherlands. It's rainy and too cool for July here. But we are here to spend time with our kids, and weather be damned. Our flights were blessedly uneventful, uncrowded and smooth. I read 1 1/2 books of the Hunger Games trilogy, and tried unsuccessfully to sleep on the plane. We were picked up at the airport by Dutch Daughter #2, who took us home to feed us and let us grab a quick shower, then we were off to explore old Utrecht with her sister. We wandered the old downtown and the open air market, then toured a museum of old carillions and mechanical orchestras and hurdy gurdys, which was surprisingly charming. She brought us home and fed us yet again, and we are currently in danger of lapsing into a food coma. It won't be long before jet lag has its wicked way with me, so I'll leave you with a couple of photos.

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Cliff said...

Well look at you!!
I hope this is as much fun as it sounds. We'll expect a full report. You all look very happy.