16 July 2012

Day Two

After going 36 hours straight, I finally crashed about 8pm local, only to wake at 4 am. We had a little Skype session home, then managed to go back to bed for a while. We headed to Vlissingen where DD (Dutch Daughter) #2's parents are vacationing, and where DD #1 lives. We had a quick visit with the parents at the beach, then we're off to celebrate our Dutch Granddaughter's 5th birthday. She was outside waiting for us to pull up, and I was greeted for the first time by shrieks of "Grandma!!" it was a little disconcerting, but I could get used to it. We were awash in babies and adorable children who I will not plaster on the Internet, but suffice it to say the extended family and friends were warm and gracious, and a loud time was had by all.
Supper was takeout from the local fry shop, which was a hit with adults and kids alike. We wound down with some Dutch and American TV.

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