21 July 2012

Road Trip!

I'm using the iPhone version of Blogger, which is a bit limiting. I haven't found a way to insert or caption pictures in any sensical order, so they're just getting thrown in until I get home to fuss with them on the laptop.
Thursday, we were on the road by 5:15 to Berlin. Autobahn driving, at least the route we took, was never any faster than a Dakota interstate, but frequently slower, since summer is universally road construction season. We slowed down for quite a stretch in the middle for a traffic jam that put 494 on a weekday to shame. Never did figure out why. We got to Falkensee, a Berlin exburb, at about 1pm, where we were graciously hosted by the family of German Daughter #2. Our GD#2 had to work until late, but her parents are very warm hosts. SD was also there from Switzerland to spend the weekend. We had a wonderful bowl of soup, then Mama Elle took us to visit Charlottenburg castle. We chose to walk around the grounds and gardens, dodging the remnants of the persistent rain which dogged our whole trip, then she took us on a car tour of some of the major tourist sights. As before, iPastor got much better photos, but these'll have to do for now.

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