22 July 2012


GD#2 got home from work, and there was much laughing, hugging and card playing. I crawled off to bed before the rest, but I'm told the night dragged out plenty late.
The rain finally went away, but it was still pretty cool for July. We had a relaxed morning before hopping the train downtown to see some wall-related sites, eat, and watch people. We picked up GD2's boyfriend at the train station and headed for home.
When we got back, Elle had a backyard bonfire planned with the neighbors, and it was a lovely evening at home. We'd brought s'mores supplies by request, and they were a hit.
Again, commonplace ideas for them seem so remarkable to us. No place we've stayed has had more than an apartment-sized fridge. They shop much more frequently, but only have to hop across the street or swing by the store on the way home. Although there is no absence of supermarkets, neighborhood fruit stands, bakeries and meat markets still thrive, and prices are competitive. Groceries so far have been slightly cheaper here than at home. The packaging is more sensible, as well, and everything recycles. Many drinks here are still bottled in glass, and more are in paper, shelf-stable cartons. A larger variety of cars run the roads, and more fuel options wait at the pumps. Our road trip vehicle is an LP/petrol SAAB, and I'm becoming quite spoiled.
Saturday was a day to relax with family. We ate, lazed around, and iPastor and the kids played games, while I ran with Elle and Sven to a friend's farm for more firewood. We girls walked on the woods a bit while the lumberjacks did their thing. We came home for another night around the fire, and took pictures as we prepared for our first goodbyes. iPastor also made some cinnamon rolls from scratch, per request. SD had to take the 440am train to the airport. After seeing her off, we slept in a bit, were fed and pampered then said our goodbyes to Berlin and hit the road for Ostfriesland.

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Cliff said...

Wow, you are to be envied. Wonderful pics and write up. Hope your return in safe.