08 April 2008

Blogger in draft.

Ooooh. Blogger has more toys. I need to keep from mucking around in the dashboard and playing with all the widgets. Time sink. Bad.
Seen around campus...

Why would a custodian-type person, find or be otherwise informed of a puddle on the floor, go get the "Wet Floor" signs to place around the puddle, but not bring the mop to wipe it up?
I am reading a rather hateful book for Gender and Sexuality in Literature class. I spent some time this afternoon Googling up the author, Edmund White. Rather, um, interesting. But better than the book. Of course, I went off on linky tangents and wound up checking out pictures of Alan Rickman, as well, but those are the hazards of Googling. One of my classmates in the aforementioned class is currently teaching a class in which he has his students Google themselves partly "Because it sounds kinda dirty to tell someone you googled yourself in class..." We take our fun where we can get it, I guess.

iPastor is off for the day at his mom's care conference. Hoping for some encouraging news when he comes home. Since we're down to one car I had to hitch a ride to school this morning. Not too big a deal, as the aforementioned classmate is from my hometown, so it all works out in a lovely little serendipitous kinda way.

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