14 April 2008

Jiggety jig

iPastor and I buzzed into the cities and stopped for a quick visit with Elsie. We checked into our hotel, then tried to decide where the heck to eat. We decided to walk down the Nicollet Mall to Market BarBCue unless something better caught our eye. We'd had a great day at job one, but that put us on the road late and some places were closing, not to mention those "bar and grill" establishments that chose to remain closed on Sundays. We did go all the way to Market, which was pretty good, but not up to Famous Dave's standards according to iPastor. I could not convince him to stay for karaoke (though it sounded like they had some good singers) so we headed back, and got to watch the late WCCO broadcast news from the back. Who knew they kept the lines looking nice on a lady's jacket with a big black binder clip in back?
This morning I went to the cattle call education job fair while Kyle got his mom squared away. Her sisters took her partway out of the city while he picked me up, then we met up with them and brought her home and got through the initial visit with hospice. She is so happy to be home! We're happy she's here. A good birthday gift for iPastor.
Happy Birthday to my favorite movie star, now appearing on DVD in the role of "Blurry Hands"

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