03 April 2008

Spring is in the air, mud is on my floor

The sun is out and the temp is heading to the mid 50's. Thing 4 and I wandered aimlessly around the yard for a while, picking up garbage uncovered by the melting snow. I made the calculated decision to have muddy dogs and put them out in the sunniest (least wet) part of the yard for a while. They were just itching for OUTSIDE! The neighbors are out trying to rake down their parking ruts, while their kid wheels around the yard in the battery-operated jeep that Thing 4 covets. We have an old one in the shed; I should see if it could be resurrected. We need to do a little "goin' fishing"to get the shed cleaned out, meaning the trailer needs to be hauled, meaning the hauling vehicle needs to be emptied, yada yada yada.
I returned to the bike store yesterday with the two older Things in tow and found a couple of used bikes for them. Now we can pass down a bike to Thing 3 and remove the various bike bits from the aforementioned shed. I have learned my lesson about buying bikes from the Evil*Empire. They fall apart.
Time for another shift in the yard. Can't pass this weather up...


Flip Flop Momma said...

I hate spring, I hate mud, I hate wetness, I hate it all..

SOOO...its Friday...whats the plan stan?

MamaMichelsBabies said...

My big dog Koda, who is normally a pretty brindle is starting to resemble some kind of skinny black bear with all of the mud. But, mud means spring and I'm alright with that.

We did the aimless garbage wander too, although my inmates though it was more fum to wrestle in the mud and start resembling Koda. Fun.