21 April 2008

Happy Birthday Thing 2!!

My little clone turns 14 today. Not so little anymore, I guess; she's just as tall as I. She's about half as big around, though.
She has blossomed into a quirky comedienne. Although she could hardly get a word in edgewise, she's never been one to stand serenely in the background. Thing 1 loved to sing and perform for the camera when she was tiny. Thing 2, did, too, with a little help. We have a home video of Thing 1 performing, when along comes Thing 2, shoves her firmly out of the way, and takes the stage for herself. Thing 2 writes fan fiction and illustrates comics in her spare time. She is developing into a lovely young lady before my very eyes. Happy Birthday, Thing 2, Mama loves her baby...

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Jeff said...

Happy birthday to your daughter. They sure are growing quickly these days, aren't they?