06 April 2008

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

iPastor ran to the Evil*Empire and got dessert for potluck, saving me a drive or baking session, so he rocks. After potluck we both had the day off and just puttered around the house.
The secondary vehicle broke down, and is too old and beat up to bother with fixing. We paid $200 for it 4 years ago, so we've gotten more than our fair share of use out of it. It has so many nickel and dime problems I'd hate to fix the one and then be faced with the rest. I'll probably get back what I paid for it at the junk yard. Now we have to be even more serious about carpooling and bike riding until we can replace it with something reliable. Gotta keep the other one in running order as well, it's getting to that questionable age. Yikes. Better keep working!


Bebemiqui said...

Ah, beater cars...is there any other kind? Right now, as I type my folks are driving a Lincoln Continental to their home for me to pick up.

MamaMichelsBabies said...

We have a mini truck like that (toyota tacoma or tundra or something) Ug drives it. I keep waiting for the thing to finally go, it's got almost 300k on it, but it just won't give up. Ug has some sort sentimental love for the thing and refuses to give it up. Funny man.

Good luck on finding something more reliable. I found my new van on Craigslist for dirt cheap, paid half of what it was worth blue book. Your in hte cities enough, I'd give that a shot.

Cliff said...

yep, we just put $600 into a mini van with 200K plus miles on it. We think it was smart. I'll let you know in six months.
You are correctamundo on the cheap bikes.