20 November 2006

Going fishing

Once, many years ago, I was listening to a book on tape. I can't remember for sure, but I think it was by Lewis Grizzard. Anyway, it was folksy humor. The writer talked about finding yourself on a day when your work is done, so you think you might go fishing. You remember your neighbor borrowed your pole. You go to get it, but you borrowed his trailer last week. You go to hitch it to return it, but the tire is flat. Your other neighbor borrowed your compressor, and you promised him you'd take something to town for him, so you get the compressor, fill the tire, load the trailer, and your wife says "...as long as you're going to town..." You get her list, head for town, drop the load, run the errands, take the trailer back to the other neighbor, get your pole and put it in the garage because you don't have time to go fishing any more. iPastor listened to the same book, and ever since then, "going fishing" has been code at our house for becoming hopelessly sidetracked. I'm having that kind of morning. I went to turn the TV on, but it had been unplugged. When our TV has a hard loss of power, the parental lock resets. There's only one remote that has the button for that. The batteries were gone. I looked under the couch cushions and discovered and archeological trove of nasty. So I dragged out the vacuum, cleaned under the couch cushions, and resumed looking for the batteries. Got the TV on for Thing 4, and cleaned up the mess he made while I was working on the couch. I have a feeling there will be no fish for supper here tonight.


Cliff Morrow said...

I innocently tipped the 'sleeper' part of our sectional over backwards for cleaning underneath. (two weeks ago) That lead to carpet cleaning, to wall repair, to a big screen tv to an entertainment center.
It's cheaper to be dirty.
I loved this blog. You are a good writer.

Gette said...

All credit for this one goes to Grizzard (I think) or whatever poor guy I'm plaigerizing. I was working at a boring job, so you could wear headsets and they had stacks of books to listen to. Nice benefit.