06 November 2006

On the clock

I have a timer keeping me from wasting too many hours on the internet today. We have been blessed with a small batch of beautiful days. I am trying to get outside and hang clothes on the line, pick up the yard, and clean out the van in anticipation of our trip to North Dakota at the end of the week.
One of my best friends/roommates from college(v1.0) is being installed as pastor at her new church in Jamestown this weekend. I had thought of visiting this weekend anyway, just because it is a long weekend for the kids from school. Turns out that this was her installation weekend, and it is birthday party time for her youngest as well. We will detour very slightly through Watertown, SD, to have a birthday lunch with my brother as well. If you have been a follower of the blog for a while (all two of you) this trip also gives us a chance to continue the concrete animal tour of the upper midwest. Someday I will dig through the archives and repost the concrete animal pictures.
Now that I have put in my notice, I have a sever case of short-timer's syndrome. I can hardly wait to get through this last two weeks so I can have some time to get things done. I am making progress on the house, and doing some searching for another day job. I am hoping to register for some courses online to FINALLY finish college(v2.5), but I may have to find something very flexible in case I am limited to traveling to a physical classroom.
Turns out I forgot to switch on the timer, but I think I will voluntarily pry my rear from this chair and take it and Thing 4 outside for a little R&R, and some yardwork.

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Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes we are getting beutiful days..how nice..

so good luck on the job search.