13 November 2006

Home again

The trip home was safe and uneventful. No unusual wildlife or unfortunate incidents. I hate driving in the dark, though. It's one thing to be driving home under the cover of blackness at midnight, but another entirely to drive in the dark at 6:30. The trip home was a shade over 4 hours, with a 15 minute stop just over halfway. All tolled, the trip up was roughly the same. Our gas mileage sucked on the way up. Dunno if it was the wind, a slightly deflated tire for part of the trip, the extra 5mph on the Dakota interstate, or a combination thereof. The trip up took almost a full tank. We didn't even break half on the way home. That's a puzzler. iPastor points out that we did a fair amount of climbing on the way, too, and we did add some miles with a couple of side trips and in-town driving. We refilled the tank at 330 miles, and pulled in at our house at almost exactly 250.
I am a bad mom. I let my kids sleep this morning rather than drag them out of bed and force them to get on the bus. Their parent-teacher conferences on Thursday proved that they are all indeed gifted little geniuses, so one day off won't kill 'em. Since I have 'em home to boss around, I am hoping we will have some teachable moments of the housework kind. uess to do that, I'll have to lead by example, so I must. get. up. now!


Cliff Morrow said...

The little ones must take after their Mom. Really smart. Glad everything went well on the trip.
New drivers eh. Funny.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well glad to see u made it back in one piece, and with all the kids in tow;)