21 November 2006

Domestic bliss

Actually got a few nibbles while I was fishing today! Unfortunately, the kinds of things I got done don't really show, but it felt good anyway. iPastor cleaned out the cars and the porch, and that stuff shows right away. I brought lawn furniture in, and set it up in the foyer. We're going away for Thanksgiving, but the following Thursday we'll be hosting a Saint Andrew's Day Scots supper. The apostle Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland (et al) We tried to give the Saint Pat's revelers a run for their money last year, and decided to do it again it was so much fun. Good eats, too. Digression aside, I'll need the extra seating anyway, and today was a lovely day to work in the yard. Brought out the outside Christmas deco, cleaned up the yard a bit, and put a small dent in both the mountain of junk in Thing 2's old room, and the stack of paperwork on and around my desk.
It's time to start putting together some music for audition. I entered a sizeable talent contest last year at a relatively nearby casino, and got accepted. Didn't make it very far, but there were pros in my round that didn't make it either, so I didn't feel too bad. It's also hosted by a live band, which is awesome. Application packets for this year should soon be here, so I'd best get cracking.
Now, I think I've earned my nice warm bed tonight!

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