11 November 2006

North Dakota morning

So, apparently I’m too much of a geek to stay off the ‘net when I am away from home. *sigh*

I am roughing it, however, since my friend has dialup. How twentieth century.

Dinner with bro went swimmingly, and we headed off up the interstate. We live in rural America, and roadkill is a daily occurrence in our neck of the woods. I see dead deer, possums, skunks, what have you, on the side of the road every day. Usually they are fairly intact or somewhat flattened but identifiable. Dakota interstate roadkill kicks it up a notch. The speed limit is 75, which means most folks are doing at least 80, and the interstates are heavily traveled by semi trailers. When a deer meets all 18 wheels of a semi at 80, it is not a pretty site. Roadkill is more like road hamburger: mangled bits of fur with perhaps a foot or rib sticking out. Some poor DOT schlub has the job of flagging them for pickup, so we’d see a red smear along the road, a tuft of fuzz, and a little orange flag flapping in the breeze. Ew.

The highlight of the drive came between Fargo and Jamestown on the interstate. I had been particularly watchful for deer and pheasants in my path, not wanting to cause or become hamburger myself. It was twilight, and off on the side of the road ahead I saw a shadow, slowed down, flicked my lights, hit my horn and ran the list thru my head of what to do to avoid hitting a deer. The shadow moved onto the road and it was a huge, beautiful bull moose. Either my antics tipped people off, or they were being as watchful as I was, because everyone slowed down and he ambled safely across both lanes and the median and loped off into the field on the far side. The kids were mightily impressed with that.

We joined the bowling party in progress, and had a lovely evening visiting. Thing 4 slept with us. iPastor is still in nocturnal mode, so he left early. I woke to a wiggly little boy who crept over to the window and chirped, “A beautiful day!” When I giggled at him, he turned to me and said “Good Morning, Sunshine!” With that for a start, we’re off for a day of loafing and shopping before tomorrow’s installation festivities. Not a bad weekend outlook. Ta!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

there is nothing between here and fargo..not sure how u could stay awake;)

Cliff Morrow said...

I hope the installation went off well. Couldn't we come up with a better name for getting a new pastor. 'Installation' seems to be something you would perform with a transmission.
Glad the moose didn't end up being new hood ornament for the car. Tidings.

Gette said...

I agree with that Cliff. iPastor just made the comment that he was glad we got Susan installed without having to go search for drivers. Geek.