08 November 2006

More power! More power!

Once again, if you have followed the blog from its former incarnation, you have already heard me extol the virtues both therapeutic and physical of hanging the area rugs on the clothesline twice a year and beating the snot out of them. It is a great workout and a stress reliever, but it might put you off carpet for good when you see all the junk that comes out of a rug even after you vacuum regularly. Ick. This year, I had a couple of particularly stubborn mashed-in banana spots, so I did something I had considered in the past, but never actually got around to doing. I went to the basement and got the power washer and beat the heck out of the rug with water. Woohoo! Great satisfaction in that.

In anticipation of my busy day tomorrow, I'll post my 13 early...

Thirteen Things about What I packed/did before a road trip with 4 Things!

1. Sleeping bags

2. Charged extra batteries for all various electronic gizmos the kids and iPastor tote.

3. Car pillows

4. Cleaned accumulated detritus from the minivan

5. Found 2 pairs of "lost" dance shoes in said van

6. Assisted kids to find "those tights" and "those jeans" that they just HAVE to bring.

7. Changed (L) headlamp (again!! I think it has a short...)

8. Ditto the (R) running light.

9. Checked google maps for vaguely interesting things to see on the way, knowing we'll have several potty/stretch/smoke stops to make for all involved.

10. Bought bday presents for bothe kids: the one having the bday and the one whose we missed last month.

11. Answered itinerary questions multiple times in multiple configurations for all kids and iPastor (should've written 'em down and stuck 'em on the fridge...)

12. Did my own laundry in a panic, realizing I only have about two free hours between jobs until we go.

13. Confirmed we are taking bro to Applebees for his birthday lunch.

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Probably will not post unless there's some downtime during the weekend. You all have a great one! I'm driving 4 hours with 4 kids and dad. Pray for me!


Tanya said...

Oh wow, that sounds so hectic. Hope the road trip was good.

My list is up.

amy said...

trips are awesome..Im sure you had a good time

Chaotic Mom said...

Wow, we always forget something, usually the extra batteries or chargers. Yikes on the short! Hope it doesn't affect you too much on your trip!

We have recently outed our rug from the dining room for the reasons you've mentioned.

I've posted my Thursday Thirteen, too. Enjoy! ;)

The Imperfect Christian said...

Wow, you were more prepared than I would have been! I hope you had a good time!