16 November 2006

Mama's little genius

Thing 4 came chirping into my bedroom this morning with a little plastic box of pennies, and one nickel. He showed me his "coins" and proceeded to count them. He can make it all the way to thirteen without any help. He can tell the nickel and pennies apart, and when I added a quarter to the mix he told me what that was, too. He identifies numbers and letters on signs when we're out and about. No doubt this kid will be supporting me someday.

Since I've started out singing his praises, I'll go with that for today's theme...

Thirteen Things about My Own Things that I love

1…. All 3 girl Things love to read! That they love to read instead of coming when called, or doing what they were told, I don't love quite so much...
2. They have 4 completely distinct laughs.
3. Things 1&2 draw little cartoons that make me laugh. Now they need to not do it during class.
4. Thing 2 has adapted my rather non-sequitur sense of humor.
5. They all still like to snuggle!
6. They all love to sing. We sing in the car, or crank the stereo at home.
7. The older things are hilarious to embarrass at the grocery store by singing and dancing to the 60s radio music. The younger two dance along.
8. They are all very softhearted and compassionate. I fear this may lead them to some heartbreak along the way, but I wouldn't change it.
9. They are fearless, but will shriek like ninnies and let me chase them around the yard with garter snakes and frogs.
10. They don't seem to let my prejudices color their decisions.
11. Thing 1 isn't afraid to suggest and try new ideas (launching a school paper, homeroom secret pals), even if they don't work out.
12. Thing 3 has a memory like a steel trap. I wish she'd find better things to recite than out-of-context carton blurbs, tho...
13. Thing 4 is full of kisses and love for anyone he meets.

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    Vicki said...

    That's cute! I love to sing in the car too. lol, when the boys got older they would get embarrased by the oldies and Mom's singing (which was fun too)

    Tug said...

    This is a great list!! Happy TT

    Anonymous said...

    Your kids sound adorable! And, before you ask, no, I'm not looking to adopt...heheheh

    Happy TT!

    Jennifer said...

    really nice list! your kids sound really neat. The laugh thing...my youngest two have close to the same voice, it's annoying at 12 am when they are supposed to be asleep and one is calling me and I go to the wrong room- I wish they were a little bit distinct!

    happy TT!
    Jenny in Ca

    Cliff Morrow said...

    Soft hearted and compassionate discribes our three tho the middle child took 30 years to develope it. You are fortunate for this and your kids obviously are well parented. Something they will pass on no doubt.

    amy said...

    They sound like a lot of fun.!! Thanks for sharing this week