02 November 2006

Because I am such a joiner...

Thirteen Things about Gette

1. My thumbs are double jointed.

2. I like to sing and I don't suck at it. Mostly.

3. I am thisclose to finishing my teaching degree and stuck.

4. It sucks.

5. It is very frustrating to have people ask me "Where are you teaching now?"

6. You don't get paid to student teach.

7. Most people don't know that, or at least they seem very surprised when you tell them.

8. I love to read, but I hate reading aloud.

9. #8 makes me feel like a bad parent.

10. Ironically, my three daughters are excellent readers despite this neglect.

11. My son is only 3, so we'll see how he does.

12. I am giving my notice at my job of 6 years.

13. Its a little bit scary.
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    Gail Martin said...

    Good luck with your teaching career.

    My TT are up.

    Anonymous said...

    All the best to finishing the degree and enjoy teaching!
    My TT is about highs and lows from the past 12 months.

    Tammy said...

    woohoo... another person who has double jointed thumbs!! Go us!! LOL

    Good luck finishing your degree.. I remember we always used to love our student teachers in school.. they were so much cooler then our regular teachers! LOL

    she said...

    Great TT. I didn't realize that student teachers didn't get paid. When you mention it, it wasn't that surprising but I guess I'd never really thought about it before. Odd how other apprentice or co-op style degree programs often pay you when you're working and teaching doesn't.

    amy said...

    Interesting list about you, thanks

    Mine is up! Please stop by www.thechristopherfamily.blogspot.com to vote for our daughters name!!!

    Kelly said...

    I am also "this close" to my teaching degree and will probably never be able to go back and finish! It does suck, I can relate.

    Neat way to get to know more about fellow bloggers. Which job are you leaving??