25 November 2006

Belated Thirteen--SO obvious...

Thirteen Things I am thankful for

1…. The saving grace of God through Jesus Christ. If I hadda do this on my own, I'd be soooooo screwed...
2. The iPastor, love of my life, partner in crime, father of my Things, and just a heckuva guy, dontcha know?
3. My Things, who constantly surprise and delight me.
4. Memories of my family of origin, the gifts they gave and the times we shared.
5. My adopted family, who never seem to remember the "adopted" part.
6. My church family, small, strong and united in our diversity.
7. Books! Got a new one for Christmas already!
8. Rural holiday traffic, or lack thereof. Makes my holiday commute so much nicer.
9. Quick reflexes, and the resulting surviving deer on said drive.
10. Quirky holiday table conversations about bodily functions. The hilarity from watching my mom snort her drink out her nose is fun enough.
11. Sleep. I could use some after working until 2:30 am last night, before that holiday drive...
12. Backseat drivers helping me come up with 13 things to be thankful for when I'm having a total brain fart.
13. That the Wii makes iPastor's Mii so dang sexy! Rawr!
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