19 November 2006


How sadly ironic that on my last day at Job 1 (assisted living) one of the charter residents died. We opened the place together, and left it together, too. iPastor and I had assumed that his full-time income would be "extra" (hah!), but in hindsight I truly believe he was given that job to clear my way to move on at this time. I just keep trusting, and giving credit where it's due.

Job 2 has now been promoted. There aren't a lot of hours, but tips are good, and it is a pleasant group of people. It's also a fertile ground for planting seeds by leading by example. I'm actively seeking another job, but planning to put the free time I have to the best use I can.

I am sad and tired tonight, so I'll keep it short and sweet.

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Cliff Morrow said...

I'm glad to see you left the place 'standing' at least.
btw...there is no such thing as 'extra' income.