11 June 2008

Big fun

Job interview #2 took place across the border in SD where my brother lives. They have an awesome swimming pool there, so the kids came along and hit the mall while I interviewed, then we went to the pool. The weather was not as nice as promised, so half of us opted to go across the street to the putt-putt place where we enjoyed a game of Klingon mini-golf. We came out with a net loss of one ball in the water hazards, recovering one of someone else's after we lost two of ours. The sign board at the putt -putt said it all: Summer here?
The local landfill had a "clean-up" sale the past two days, with big discounts on expensive items to dump like tires and appliances. iPastor hauled two washers and a dryer out of our basement, and had the kids load the tires from our shed into the truck. I grabbed the dehumidifier when I got home and hauled it with the tires. The weather here was crappy. I guess it was violent and dangerous in other parts of the state, so I'll deal with crappy. Got home to a power outage, followed by a brownout. All our condensers and compressors seem to be working just fine, so I guess its all good. Now I seem to have acquired a herd of OPK (other people's kids) downstairs, and there is raucousness ensuing. Off to herd the cats.

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