23 June 2008

Off and running...

...into a new week. Two jobs, then MIL duty.
A friend of mine wrote something interesting:

...'stress' is an over-used word that we as a society have chunked up to escape feeling and being with our uncomfortable feelings.

Stress is a result of interacting with and experiencing life, a process. What we have done with it is make it a noun, a thing that can be acted upon. Can you put stress in a bucket and show me what it looks like? No, because the only way we know it is there is as a byproduct of what we experience.

Over the past two generations or so we seem to have lost the language for what we are feeling. We go to extremes, I'm angry or I'm happy, with no middle ground. In that either/or, we've managed to dissociate and not feel anything or label it as stress.
What happened to being miffed, pissed, annoyed, frustrated, spiteful, all the degrees of feeling unhappy before you hit anger and rage? What about being pleased, amused, joy-full, peace-full, happy before you hit bliss, passion, love, joy and peace?

This works on both an emotional and grammatical level. Not only do people miss all those in-between feelings, we ignore the vocabulary for shades of grey, as it were. Indeed, something to ponder. How specifically can you name what you are feeling right now?

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