15 June 2008


The wedding went off without a hitch, MIL did awesome and had a terrific time. After teasing my SIL mercilessly about her waterworks (she cries at supermarket openings) I lost it as I watched BIL and an usher walk MIL to her seat. She looked beautiful and she was so proud of her grandson. I was so glad she made it, and sad to think she probably will not be there for my kids' weddings. I managed to compose myself in time for the ceremony itself, and the duet with step-bro-IL went well. We partied 'til the cows came home; the Things had a blast with all their cousins and new friends. Hard to drag 'em away, especially when the DJ saved the classic rock for the end of the night. The couple was adorable, and life is good here. Back to the rat race tomorrow. For now I'm glad to be on duty with MIL, 'cuz we can have some lovely mutual nap time in the matching recliners.


Jeff said...

Ooh, napping in the recliners sounds like Heaven to me. Glad you had a great time at the wedding. Hope the cows behaved themselves ;-)

Cliff said...

I've had a wild trip to Denver and back since I last read you. I've missed a lot I see.
Congrats on the job. I hope it's what you were wanting.
I'm glad the wedding went off with just the one hitch. (hitched)