29 June 2008


If I wasn't working this weekend, I was at MIL's, except for a brief stint at church.
Thing 1 and her great-auntie returned from their mission trip tuckered out and happy. Auntie relieved us with MIL, then we were off to supper at FIL's. Finally got home to discover the sewer backed up again. The drain was empty and dry, but evidence on the floor proves that there is still a slowdown. Now it is time to go rent something longer than 25 feet, 'cuz I've had it cleaned out and running twice, so the problem must be farther out. Not what I wanted to be doing when I got home tonight. If you want some real entertainment before bed, though, try googling "sore cat nipples." (Neosporin and bitter apple, in case you were wondering)

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Jeff said...

Yuk to the sewer problem. We have to have Roto-Rooter come out every other year to fix ours. And yuk to the sore cat nipples too. Thank goodness we don't have that problem.