01 June 2008


For cryin' out loud... Rather than try to explain all this, I will send you here and here to see for yourself. In the comments section of the Tribune, someone asks whether this man would have the same problem if his name were Johnson. They don't know how close to the truth they are. I am not very proud of my city government right now.


Jeff said...

All I want to know is... how much are the veggies!

Cliff said...

Sounds like he should apply to put in a hog confinement in the middle of town. . Then they wouldn't notice the veggies.

MamaMichelsBabies said...

What a sham. I feel for that guy.

I don't think it's a question of his last name, but the fact that he's an outsider. We found plenty of the "Oh... your moving here? From the city? How... um... nice" when we were looking west.

And we got a way midwestern last name. Little towns seem to simply mistrust an outsider. Then you have a crusty neighbor, who's NOT an outsider... yeah... makes for a bad deal all around.

And if you responded (I read all the comments) the one I believe is yours, right on.

I'm gonna come look at your yard now. ;)

Rachel said...

Sounds like the neighbor needs to move if he hates it so much.

I like Cliff's idea!!

Groovy Mom said...

I hate that kind of politics. We had something similar happen in our neighborhood and it disgusted me.