05 June 2008

Bloggable moments

So the other say I lost my keys. I retraced my steps again and again. I went back to look in the car, where I most likely tossed them. I was now 20 minutes late, and Thing 4 was cranky; if I went to look in the house he'd follow me in and whine, then he'd follow me out to the car when I looked there and whine come more. I was worked up to a pretty good lather when I heard the friendly voice of the Cosmic Junkie greeting Thing 1 from across the lawn where he was retrieving tools from storage in the neighboring shed. "How's it goin'?" he asked, and I blurted "Sh*tty." as I dumped a bag onto the seat to search its contents, and dumped my sad, sorry story on the ol' CJ. "I can't find my keys." "You mean those keys there?" he said, pointing to the keys that absolutely WERE NOT THERE (or in that bag of aforementioned junk) THREE SECONDS PREVIOUSLY. I just gaped at him and shook my head. ""Just here to help." he said, and ambled off. Darndest thing.

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