06 June 2008

Minnesota's state bird

The kids' group from church had a little campout tonight. My kids are miffed that they can't stay over due to a bridal shower for nephew's wedding, but the park is so close I let them go out for festivities tonight. We've had a week of rain, and the mosquitoes hatched with a vengeance. it was absolutely stupid how thick they were. They kids were coated with OFF and still came home looking like lepers with so many welts on them. Yikes. They had a blast though.
A couple more job interviews next week. Woot!


Rachel said...

Gette, you asked on the blogstock link about food. I think that on Saturday, the main day of everyone gathering, that Cliff said he would have all the food and we would just all share the cost. You could always e-mail Cliff but I think that's what he said.

When will you be arriving?

Oh, mosaquitoes are awful. Such painful little bugs.

Rachel said...

Oh, are you flying or driving?

Cliff said...

Hey, more interviews. GOOD LUCK!
Yep, the state bird up there is correct. Bigguns for sure..
A little more patience will be needed on the food part. Rachel is correct in what she said however. When we determine exactly when everyone will be arriving we might be asking for some snacks from everyone. If I knew how to spell hor's duerves I'd have written that. There's another word I should have googled but didn't.

Gette said...

My dad always called 'em "horse ovaries." Mmmmmmmmm.