20 January 2007


Proving once and for all that I should be institutionalized, I checked my family and a few extras into the local Country Inn and Suites for Thing 3's requested ninth birthday party. The calling card there was the pool, and it really didn't cost me much more than when I pack a herd of kids off to the bowling alley or skating rink for birthday mayhem. By and large, all kids were well-behaved, they just outnumbered me. They did run the complimentary hotel cookie jar completely dry in a matter of minutes, and I found out by the multitude of extra pillows that they had been sneaking off to the front desk one by one to get them. I think we had nine pillows in the room when we were done.
Now that we are safely home, I have been cleaning out the mud room/dog kennel, and biding my time until a quick trip to Granite Falls to meet my Ma and pick up some meat she and dad have been getting way cheap. It's always a hit to the grocery bill at once, but 40 pounds of pork loin goes a long way, even for a family of 6. And it's yummy! After I get back, I'll fetch Thing 4 and friends from the church program (got well-rounded kids, they attend several local church kid's programs. This one an all-day, once a month, one every Wednesay evening, and our Sunday program) they went to, and come home to fix dinner and maybe catch a quick nap before work. Gotta cram a Sunday School lesson in there, too. Dang. Better get at it. I'll chitter away at you folks some other time.


cosmic junkie said...

Could you get by on, say, 38 pounds of pork loin? Just wondering. Sure do love pork loin. No pressure. Sure do love it, though. Oh yeah, glad to hear you survived "the night of the cookie monsters". Don't worry though, I happen to know for a fact that Country Inn and Suites comes by dunker cookies in bulk pretty inexpensively.

katjjames said...

I was reading an article on how lavish children's birthday parties have become. Don't berate yourself for indulging on a hotel room someone else gets to clean up when you are done. If you find yourself looking for exact replicas of the Royal Guard to put around Thing's Princess Diana cake, you should seek psychological treatment, fast!