29 January 2007

Hello Monday!

These days I almost look forward to Mondays more than the weekend. Unless we make plans far in advance to go somewhere, the weekends around here are ruled by work. Sundays we both have off, but the day is spent on church and catching up sleep and chores for the week. When Monday comes, however, if we've played our cards right we roll into the less-hectic beginning of the week. iPastor is off the regular job for a couple of days and we only have my schedule and the kids' to contend with. Our weekend just gets bumped up.
The Valentine candy rolled out in WalMart the day after Christmas. Tarnishes the idea of getting candy to know it's been wrapped in plastic sitting on shelves somewhere for at least 4 months once you factor in shipping and storage. I really hate Valentine's Day. Greeting cards in general irritate me to no end. I like funny ones. If you have something to say to me, I'd much rather you say it yourself than pay $3.50 for a Hallmark card. Unfortunately, the female in-laws all seem to enjoy finding that perfect card, and making a to-do about a card that's "just BEAUTIFUL!." I'm a girl like many others, and if it takes a consumer-driven holiday to make you pay attention and do something nice, I'll take it, but I'd much rather have those moments come at spontaneous times throughout the year. Any time at all, thank you. Any?
The catalyst for this particular rant was finding this site today following random linkies. It struck me funny. The language is pretty crass for the fainthearted, but I agree with the general sentiment.
I suppose I should be off to Job #2 now. You all have a swell day.


Cool Mama said...

Wow..that site was uh..um...pretty crass...but I get the point! As for Valentines day...I think that it's nice to be remembered, but even nicer if someone didn't need a big consumer driven 'event' to want to tell me that I'm special to them. The problem with all this stuff is, that they make the special days into such a big deal, that people's expectations are getting hooked on these things! Me? Well, I do love a good excuse to go out for dinner..and if my honey was to walk in the door with flowers, I wouldn't throw them out! BUT..if he did it on any other day than Valentines day - jsut because..- well, let me just say, he'd score more points with me than remembering Valentines day. But that's just me! what about you?

Britmum said...

I feel the same way too. I would rather do something spur of the moment or when the heart desires it rather the being told when to celebrate. Oh well!!!

I hope the rest of your week does stay calm.

Take care xx

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

u sound busier then me..dang

Cliff Morrow said...

Gette...Marilyn and I had a few laughs on the site. Well, I had more than she did.
Random acts of love seem to be better don't they? I'm with you on this one.
btw you write gooder than most.