01 January 2007

Happy New Year, indeed!!

Been noisy and fun around here. My traveling Things came home yesterday, a tad early but happy and content. They were immediately pressed into service to prepare for our New Year's Eve game party, which was great, a real mix of friends from church, work, theatre and other fields.
The real event of the night took place about 10 minutes after midnight, when almost simultaneously, David B's cell phone rang and Bob B. came in the door to gather some company for a road trip. His brother, our neighbor who had been at the party earlier, had just received word that a kidney is waiting for him in Minneapolis. They're en route now, and we ask that you join us to pray for their safe trip, Danny B.'s successful surgery, and the family who is mourning a donor.
Hope your New Year, and ours, is as full of promise!


Kelly said...

What a year this will be for Danny! I will hold him, and the donor's family up in prayer.

Happy New Year!

Cliff Morrow said...

OH what a range of deep, deep emotions. I'm sure by now you know whether the operation went well and of course it could take years to get a definitive OKAY on the outcome. And then there's the poor family who made a valiant decision while in the very darkest hours of their lives.
Yes Prayers have been sent for healing of both body and soul.
I suppose it made the all important party preparations pale by comparison. Blessings to all.