04 January 2007

Thursday Again!

Off to test-run a brand new Job 2 today. Note this is "job" and not "Career." Meh.
For your enjoyment...

Thirteen Pros and Cons about Working Two Jobs...(or even just working)

1. More money!
2. Daycare
3. Today's schedule brought to you by even more insanity
4. Kids volunteer to babysit their siblings because I pay them (see also "Daycare")
5. Family leaves me the dishes from the dinner I fixed but did not eat with them
6. More scheduled trips to town, around which to plan errands
7. New co-workers to enjoy/tolerate/loathe
8. New food to sample at employee discount
9. New system to learn
10. New clientele to enjoy/tolerate/loathe
11. Minnesota has no tip differential!
12. Bills getting paid
13. Naptime and housework constraints

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Di said...

There are many people TT-ing about work this week. It's making me feel guilty for being a trophy wife (sounds so much better to me than stay-at-home Mom)...you know, eating bon bons, watching soap operas...doing laundry, waiting for service people, paying the bills, shopping, planning meals, preparing meals, serving meals...but oh, those bon bons!

my 2 cents said...

Sounds busy! I dont think I'd like having two jobs... I'd prefer less money and more time.

JAM said...

With all the new people in your life, co-workers, customers, and whatnot, you'll be getting lots of blog ideas. Take notes on the jerks and morons so the rest of us can pat you on the back and murmer comforting things in your pain.

Chelle Y. said...

I like the "cons" better! :)

she said...

You sound busy and desperately in need of a "me" day. Perhaps the kids could give you an early mom's day present and fix dinner/do dishes for you once or twice a week to help out?

amy said...

GOod post..hope the pros outweigh the cons

Raggedy said...

Delegate that dish duty!
You are really busy.
good list
Have a wonderful day!

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