26 December 2006

Christmas comedown

We eased back into normal life after a day of family and food yesterday. Darling iPastor brought me breakfast in bed, for which I thanked him by yelling to get the garbage out. My helpful daughter moved the can out of the way of parking spots for our family gathering last week, which meant it wasn't in place for pickup then. Monday is our normal pickup day, so it was put off until today and forgotten until I heard the truck in the alley while I was, um, indisposed, in the bathroom. I was yelling in panic and not irritation. Two weeks' worth of family refuse was hard enough to cram into that can.
After that little bump in the road, we settled in for a leisurely day of puttering around the house. The Things remaining at home enjoyed playing with the neighbor kids, and I walked the dogs in relative comfort. This lack of snow is gonna bite us in the butt come spring, but the ability to walk dogs on dry ground, and for Thing 4 to try out his Christmas bike right away, is a fair trade in my book.
While driving to in-laws for Christmas, we caught a snippet of the Midday program on MPR. It was hilarious, and though I came in the middle, I correctly guessed that it was Kevin Kling. I went to the archives today and found not only that story, but David Sedaris as well. I highly recommend going here to listen to those stories. They are both great fun, and I believe a new Christmas tradition at our house, along with the 24 hr. A Christmas Story marathon and Sixties Bouf Angel on the tree.
My brother and SIL came for a visit, and we visited friends up the road to check out the new iMac and PS2. I rock at Guitar Hero, and I fear that iPastor's suggestion to buy a PS2 may well stick with me if I pick that game up again.
Although I made no mention of it here, I did mark the winter solstice on the 21st with great enthusiasm. The days only get longer from here! I thought it must be bedtime at 7:45 tonight, because when its this dark for this long it must be the middle of the freakin' night, right?
Off to rest and another day tomorrow. Let's be careful out there.

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Cliff Morrow said...

Not to worry. Men are used to that sort of thing. It's okay so long as the sum of the 'I love you's' is greater than that of the 'get off your butt and get the GARBAGE TO THE CURB!!'s.
It all has to do with the Average.