06 December 2006

Trifecta Complete!

My voice is shot. I may lose it by the end of the day. All you smarties out there eady to comment that it might be an improvement, just can it.
I'm actually feeling a bit better than yesterday. The weight and ache has lifted slightly. I still think I'll need some quality couch time. Maybe I'll find a movie and sort socks. Hope I can find someone to work for me tonight. Don't think I'm quite up to running the floor.
I'm still counting my blessings that I'm not sicker. I wound up in the hospital once with dehydration and idiomatic colitis, and let me tell ya if ya try it, you won't dig it. Wish I'd been to the library for a new book or something to spend my down time. Any suggestions?

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Cliff Morrow said...

You suddenly became very prolific while I was gone. Sorry about the 'creeping crud' you've come down with. No voice eh? I learned a long time ago that it doesn't pay to comment on that.