05 December 2006

I take that back

Since I wrote the last post, this cold has settled in over my back and shoulders like a 50 pound sack of crap. I ache, I'm hot, stuffy, and crabby. Ever helpful, when I told iPastor that I feel like crap, he said "You look like crap, too." Maybe if I sound like crap I'll complete the trifecta. I'm going back to bed. All that ambition? Gone.


Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

Good luck with that trifecta. Feel better soon!

cosmic junkie said...

Slam your finger in a door or sprain your ankle or something. it always takes your mind off of a bad cold. Or better yet, do it to someone else. A good laugh goes a long way! Just kidding, I, in no way, advocate violence. Unless it happens by... accident. Anyway, Colds suck! Get well soon!

Kelly said...

Get well soon! December is way too busy of a month to be down and out with a virus! :)