11 December 2006

Winter? I wonder...

I am not complaining at all, but I am pretty weirded-out at our sunny, 50 degree weekend! As usual, we had way too many things to pack into the two days between Friday and Monday. Saturday was the local "Santa Day." Our little town may have let its summer festival die of apathy, but they can still put it together for Santa. They started by showing movies in the town hall, then Santa was chauffeured in by a fire truck. I missed an awesome picture fiddling with my stinkin' camera, but got to see my little boy break from the crowd at a dead run, yelling for Santa, who obligingly scooped him right up for a big hug. Not scared of santa, this kid. There were goodies and candy bags and toys. Got a couple good pics, but they have to wait for hubby to use the card reader, because aforementioned stinkin' camera is no longer recognized by my computer as anything. (Edit: Here!)

Thing 4 is getting to be quite a handful. He kept trying to run back up onstage to raid the table full of toys (they got to pick one after talking to Santa), or bust the line to go talk to Santa again. He even gave Santa his candy bag. Cute as heck, but kinda a pain.
I worked the bar as usual. Better making money than not.
Sunday morning after church, we packed up the Sunday School kids and took them to former Job #1 to sing some of their Christmas program songs for the residents. After lunch, I went to a baby shower, came home, made supper, sent the elder Things off to round 2 at church, then headed over to G'pa's for his birthday party. On the way home, we drove around a little to check out Christmas lights, then came home and crashed. Now I need to get busy making the house presentable for Christmas with iPastor's mom this weekend.


Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

50 degrees, in Minn!! It's supposed to be 70 here in Dallas today. Hang in there.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

its been nice...I am thinking of mowing the lawn:)