05 December 2006

I lost a weekend in here somewhere

Wow. Between a touch of a headcold and a booked up weekend at the bar, it seems we've come around to the next week and I've barely even noticed. Thankfully, I haven't gotten really sick, just enough to make me feel kind of draggy and fuzzy around the edges, and give me an excuse to nap.
I worked late Friday, rose late Saturday, made a speed run to Marshall to meet up with G'ma and pick up stuff we left at her house, ran back home, worked late again, dragged out of bed in time for church, ate potluck, came home and power-napped, then piddled away the evening. Monday I got to go to "birthday of the month" breakfast with the ladies from church, unheard of in my working-two-jobs days. I was rather proud of myself for collecting my wits enough to get some errands run while I was in town. I dropped off 4 bags and some odds and ends at the thrift store, and managed to come out with only three items in a bag. It doesn't pay to donate my excess if I bring more out with me. I got Thing 4 some jammies, some more black slacks for me, which I may need for prospective temp job 2, and a digital bathroom scale.
You'd best all lock up our daughters, because Thing 4 is working on his Lothario act. He came up to me first thing this morning and exclaimed, "Mommy, you bootiful!" As if that wasn't enough to melt any girl's heart, he looked up and quite deliberately batted his lashes at me. He's smooth, I tell you. Here iPastor has been worried about what color to paint the shotguns for all these daughters, and it's the Boy we're gonna have to keep an eye on.
I made some real housekeeping headway in preparation for the party last week, and I should pry my fanny from this chair and try to keep it up. We will have one of the three remaining Christmas gatherings here, at least, so hopefully I can keep the place presentable, and maybe even get a little bit ahead. Off I go with great ambition! Excelsior!

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