20 December 2006

You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

The transformation of the dogs from farm to house has begun. They are slowly becoming more comfortable. Star is more of a barker than she let on at first, though it's generally a short burst toward unseen noises that stops as soon as she can see what it was she heard. The Cosmic Junkie pointed out that we now have Star Jones living in our house. *shudder*
Star took to the leash a little better than Tiger, but he will follow her without fail, so all we have to do is get her going. Curiosity conquered the stairs, but they have to be really worked up to get that curious. They shy away when approached, but once you catch them and sit with them for some petting time, they settle right in and don't try to get away at all. Weird. The cat is always greeted with wagging tails. CJ asserts that this is because you can always count on a cat to know where the food is, and the dogs may be new, but they're not dumb. If we can count on this much progress every day, it won't be long before they've settled in.
I forgot to mention yesterday that the Santa post now has a picture.
I subbed for bowling this afternoon. Funny how "sucked" is only two letters different than "subbed" but just as accurate a description of my bowling talent today. Oy. I think I may have dragged my average below 100. Ouch.
I am feeling a bit melancholy. Thing 1 & 2 have had a last minute, all-expense paid offer of a trip to Florida with friends over Christmas break, and I haven't the heart to tell them no. I thought they would be off in college before I had to worry about them skipping Christmas at home. I told them I'd sell their presents on eBay, though, so its all good.
Now I'd better go search for doggy remnants on the lower floor.


Cliff Morrow said...

I stay away for 24 hours and a lot happens at your place. Your 'sucker' comment you made on my blog,,,now makes sense.
We've owned cockers and had them when I was growing up as a child.
Marilyn grooms a 'lot' of them but has the same complaint everytime. They 'poop' on her grooming table. Not every cocker, just 9 out of 10 do it. THAT little tidbit may be worth remembering should you ever decide to save some money and do it yourself.

Cliff Morrow said...

Groom your dogs yourself that is. Not poop on the table.