22 December 2006

Soggy Doggy...

...is what you get when walking cockers in freezing rain. I've been working hard to set them (and me!) up with some routines and work the housebreaking issue. Progress is slow, but ,um, progressing. Star seems to be socializing a bit quicker than Tiger. They run away when pursued, but once caught, they will both sit and seem to enjoy attention and petting. Star seems to get into it and wag readily. Tiger is pretty wary yet.
I got the elder Things packed off towards Florida with appropriate amounts of underwear and socks. I'm quite sure they never looked back. It will be a bit quieter around here for sure. The parent who invited them along is either a saint or quite possibly insane.
Well, its a Friday night schedule at a small-town bar and the college kids are home for Christmas. I'd better go sneak in a nap. Safe travels if you're on the road, and here's to stiff drinks snuck in the closet if the holidays are coming to you.


Cliff Morrow said...

You're right, the Thurs 13 was a bit of a downer. I'm sorry all of that happened to you. I suppose you're used to it by now but it doesn't help the pain of the loss.
I thought you were going to say no to the Florida trip. I'm glad you didn't. Just know he's crying his little eyes out every night at bedtime because he misses his Mommy.

cosmic junkie said...

"The parent who invited them along is either a saint or quite possibly insane." Brilliant! I believe I have wondered that same thing about folks before. The only thing that I can add is... it wont take long to find out. In your case the minute they come back. great post. Thanks.