01 December 2006

Thursday 13--late

Thirteen Things about Our Saint Andrew's celebration

1. I really suck at rolling pastry lately.
2. My neighbor brought me some store-bought, so the Bridies were saved! Yum!
3. We also had clapshot
4. Scotch Eggs
5. Shortbread
6. Clootie Dumpling (a la microwave--it rocks!)
7. Drambuie and Glenfidditch are nice, but...
8. I discovered that hot butterscotch is wayyyyyy better than hot chocolate.
9. We had 20 guests.
10. You can slap a "Mc" onto anyone's name for a day. I learned this trick from someone adding "O'" to names for St. Pat's one year.
11. Clans Buchanan, McWhirter, MacDonald and MacDougall, and Stewart were all represented by someone.
12. We had jokes and stories.
13. And we remembered Saint Andrew, the first-called disciple of Christ, patron Saint of Scotland.
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amy said...

I learned a few things..Thanks for posting

Cliff Morrow said...

The clootie dumpling looks similar to 'suet pudding' my Mom used to make. She served it with 'hard sauce' what ever that is.
Drambuie will put hair on you chest...so be careful.
Great post. I read all of the links but the jokes didn't seem to have anything but http:.

Gette said...


Kelli said...

Great list ....sounds like you had a great time! Have a wonderful weekend!