19 December 2006

The five most dreaded words in the English language...

..."Free to a good home." Oh dear. The conversation went something like this:

iPastor: "This lady on Freecycle has Cocker Spaniels to give away."

Me: "Why would you even tell me that?"

iPastor: "I really don't know."

Me: "Mumble" *frantically calling up said Freecycle group on my Mac*

iPastor: "They're 4 years old..."

Me: "Months?"

iPastor: "Years."

Me: "Mumble" *Typing email to the offerer*

I hate training puppies. I love Cocker Spaniels; grew up with them, have had two pretty good ones since we were married. First was a bit of a spazz, but a love, second had some ongoing health issues but was mellow and laid back, great disposition. The long and the short of it? Meet the newest Joneses:

They have sweet dispositions so far. Not barkers when together, although there was a bit of anxiety from Star (brown female) when I separated them for bath time. They came from a puppy farm where they were hoped to breed but did not. Tiger is the black and brown male. Our challenge is to integrate them from outside kennel dogs to inside house dogs. So far they are too baffled by the contents of a house to imagine jumping on furniture or anything of that sort. Cool.

In other happenings about here, we celebrated Christmas with iPastor's mom and brother's family on Sunday. That's two family celebrations down and two to go.

Thing 4 got two toys that make noise:

And one that makes a mess:

So he's happy as a clam.

After presents, we went to the church Christmas program. Every one of our kids' grandparents made it for the program, and they were tickled.

Now its time to tuck everyone in, so I'm off.

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