20 January 2008


It is old news around here that the temperature is FREAKIN' COLD! By the time we get used to it, it warms up, if only slightly. Dinner today at job 1 was decent, as people came out who were sick of being housebound. Sometimes we hearty Minnesotans do something just to spite the weather. The sun shone today, too. That makes a big difference.
Saturday was a different story; nothing was moving that didn't have to. We had planned to go to Marshall to watch the las JV Dance performance, as Alex is on danceline. The idea was to meet up with the G'mas on their weekly foray to Marshall, but that wasn't coming off as planned, and in the end, I couldn't justify spending the gas money and the $25 to get the family in the door, to risk a trip in dangerously cold weather. I picked up a shift at Job 2, then we had an impromptu birthday party for Thing 3 with her neighborhood friends, a pot of chili and a funfetti cake, per the Birthday Girl's request.
The cold weather has been opportune for my activity of choice, which is reading like a madwoman. This is a lit-heavy semester, so there's a lot to be done. The Austen has breezed by; Hemmingway not so much. Textbooks, even when they contain good information, are written to put me to sleep, so I have to do those in very small doses. The latter has proven to be an awesome sleep-aid, so I'm off.

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