27 January 2008

Inter-waitress ranting

We were crazy busy at Job 2 last night. We had a regular Saturday crowd and a short staff. Instead of the normal camaraderie, however, everyone was testy and short-tempered. As the evening wore on, I noticed one of the other waitresses in the workstation with her cell phone. She was texting away, having an argument with her fiancee. I thought it was a bit silly, but made no mention as my kids frequently call me about dumb stuff at work, so who am I to judge. Today at Job 1, we got about halfway into lunch when my partner started arguing via text with her brother. She was in tears most of her shift. Is it contagious or what?
I may or may not have told the bathroom story here. It may have been on the incarnation of Sauce for the Goose that is lost to the ether. You may have heard it before. I don't care, I'm telling it again (I have a point). As a mom of 4, bathroom privacy is fleeting. Having a defective doorlatch doesn't help matters any. I am frequently barged in upon for lunch money requests, phone calls, bill conferences, or just a friendly chat while I am in the tub or trying to peacefully perform any manner of bodily functions. One day, the whole fam damily was off somewhere and I had he house to myself. I headed for the bathroom, and actually had the conscious thought of "Hey, I get the bathroom all to myself for a change." As I sat there, a little paw came under the door, pushed it open, and in sauntered the cat. I get no respect. Anyway, I told you that, because it made this just that much more funny to me.


Flip Flop Momma said...

I hate texting, pale girl spends the better half of her existing texting...anyone...everyone..

its irritating as heck.

Foster Communications said...

Well that's just not fair. If there's one place you should be able to be able to enjoy some solitude it's the bathroom!

Thanks for letting me know about the 4th Photoshop tutorial. Too funny!

Cliff said...

I'm with you on the text messaging. I quit visiting with people until ther're done doing it.
New bathroom door lockset?