11 January 2008

More waitress rants

If you are in a hurry, don't snark at me for not taking your order sooner when I have been to your table three times to try to get it but you are yakking on your cell phone!

We love it when buses come. Just call first. (We rocked it anyway)

I have bibs, colors, paper and crackers for your kids, but no bottle warmer. Ditto for dropcloths. Eternal gratitude to the poor mom on her hand and knees picking up baby flotsam.

And I leave you with this. At a previous job, I worked with one of the other waitresses at Job 2. After one particularly long night I said, "My dogs are barking!" To which she replied, "Why? Did your neighbors call?"


Cliff said...

Dear Miss Waitress,
If you leave stuff on the floor (us elderly do that) but still tip 20% plus, is it okay to walk away or do I still need to ask for something soft to kneel on so I can get under the table?

Cliff said...

btw the barking dogs deal was funny!!

Gette said...

Dear Cliff the Customer,
Even a simple acknowledgement that you dropped that thing you can't pick up will go a LOOOOONG way toward earning my sympathy. It's looking the other way while your kid dumps half the sugar shaker into the crayon bin that'll really tick me off. (Guess who sent the crayon box through the dishwasher today).

nora said...

I'm reading your blog with my feet propped up from two days in a row of waitressing at job #2.
I'm reading a great book right now, "Waiting, the true confessions of a waitress." I think you would enjoy it.