06 January 2008

January Thaw, indeed...

45 degrees?!?! This is Minnesota, after all. I think most of the population was too flabbergasted to do anything yesterday. The ice fishermen and snowmobilers had a day of mourning. Our cook said he was going swimming and laying out for a tan after work. I merely came home and herded kids, which is not at all unlike herding cats. They got Dance Dance Revolution for Christmas, so I was constantly prying one of them away from the playstation to complete a task. Started taking the tree down last night. We got all the deco off, but I am thinking of leaving it up and doing the year-round tree again, just because it is such a bugger to get up and down the stairs, and guess who is the one who always gets to haul it. It's not bothering anyone there in the corner of the dining room. When we were first married, I had a tabletop tree that I kept up and tricked out according to season or whimsy. I don't think I went the whole year, but it was kinda fun. Better than a ceramic goose, I guess. Even in the Goose Capitol.
Off to bed!

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