08 January 2008


One of the other college girls at work was looking to pick up hours, so I gave up a day today and puttered around the house. I wanted to be free in case bro's truck was fixed and we had to return it to SD. No-one called, so I stayed home. I could have easily frittered away the day, but iPastor was good at keeping us on track, so we got a couple of drawers cleaned out, sorted some paperwork, and got some errands run. Not the sort of thing that shows, but it felt good to get some stuff done.
While we were in town erranding, we stopped for lunch, where Thing 4 decided he wanted grape pie. He's hard to deter once he gets his mind set on something, but luckily for him he doesn't much care if his grape pie looks an awful lot like raspberry cream.
I just now got the call that the Exploder is done, so I may take another day off. We'll have to see what they have planned.
Now it is time for the weekly chauffeuring of dancing girls. I bid you adieu; pray for my foray into the land of spins, twirls and high kicks.


Flip Flop Momma said...

I have never in my life heard of grape pie...never..

Gette said...

That's because it only exists in the mind of a 4-year-old...
(I don't think it would set very well)

Cliff said...

I'm like C, never heard of it. But I had it pictured in my mind made with concord grapes.
Now I'll be thinking about a pie that doesn't exist the rest of the night. dang

Gette said...

Maybe we'll have to invent it for blogstock.