09 January 2008

Dreams and pie

Cliff, as usual, was right on the money. Concord Grape Pie it is.
I have to quit going back to bed, because lately when I do, I have some weird dreams. In them, I will frequently question whether or not I am dreaming, convince myself I am really awake, then wake up. Today I dreamt I was in Florida for a weekend trip. I was thinking the whole time that it was really unlikely for me to be there, I was just home, we don't have vacation money, etc. etc. I started checking out my surroundings to make sure I was awake. I looked out the window; it was overcast and 55 on the digital clock on the hotel sign. I reached out to feel the walls around me and examine my surroundings to be sure I was really awake. When I decided I must be awake, I woke up.
It seems we have inadvertently started a bedtime ritual of flopping on our bed. As in the whole famdamily. A couple years ago at tax refund time, iPastor and I decided we could justify replacing our bed, which had been his grandparents', so out of shape that the mattress continually slipped off the box spring. We both loved the Tempur-pedic, but it was dreadfully expensive. We settled for a standard mattress with a pillow top of the memory foam. We decided to live large and get the king size. Lately at bedtime, the Things will gather one by one, usually until all five of them and at least one of the cats are present in a strange hybrid of a monkey pile and a perpetual motion machine. There is much laughter, frequent gas, and occasional tears if there is an unfortunate incident with a stray limb. Not a bad way to wrap the evening. So I will.

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Cliff said...

yep I knew my day dreams about grape pie would pay off. Now if I can get someone to make it. (yes I know I can do that but I hate the mess.)(or trying to get Marilyn to clean it up for me.)
That ritual stopped for us the night after Mom and Dad had ham and beans for lunch. A lot of ham and beans for lunch.