24 January 2008

Last dance

Last nite as I pulled into town, I noticed orange cones in the intersection. That means one thing hereabouts: busted water main. They got it back up and running by bedtime, but I had to flush with distilled water, and it made me cranky. Our water here is unmetered. When we first moved to town we paid a flat rate of $19/month. Then TPTB decided we need a new sewer plant, and started hiking our bills. We now pay $68/month. for that much, the dang water better work. Oh well, at least it's not my heat bill. The first tank of propane this year lasted 48 days. At $675, that was $14/day. The next tank was $840. Lets hope we get at least 60 days out of that one...
Tonite was the last performance for JV danceline, so I took a video. I was trying to work on it but I am too tired to monkey with relearning iMovie tonite, so I'll get it posted later. Maybe Sunday. Friday and Saturday are two-job days, but I'm bucking for Sunday off. See ya on the other side!

1 comment:

Cliff said...

I've done read all there is to read here. Glad the water is back. Yeah $68 is a bit high. But our water costs nearly $50 for the first 3000 gallons so it gets
pretty high too.
I'll be back to watch the video.